• Ingin Membeli Shure Wireless Mic? Ketahui Dulu Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Wireless Mic

    You want to buy Shure wireless mic? Microphone is one important aspect when producing a video. Not only for video purposes, the microphone is also often used as a supporting device for presentations, karaoke, and so forth. Because audio is considered to be one important component, for this reason you should not be careless and need to be wise in choosing a quality microphone that suits your needs. 

    Of the many types of microphones, wireless or wireless mic types are often chosen because they are considered capable of providing convenience and flexibility when compared to wired microphones. But behind its advantages, there is a lack of wireless mic that you also need to know before deciding to buy a wireless mic. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of wireless mic?

    Advantages of Wireless Mic According to  Goshen Swara Indonesia

    Ingin Membeli Shure Wireless Mic? Ketahui Dulu Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Wireless Mic

    Wireless mic has several advantages, including:

    1. Free  Because It Does Not Need Cable

    The first advantage that is definitely felt when you choose a wireless type microphone is flexibility. Because in practice the use of a wireless mic does not require a connecting cable. This is considered more effective because the use of cables has been considered difficult and less practical. In addition, when viewed in terms of aesthetics, wireless mic is considered more comfortable to look at. 


    2.  Comfortable Moving Anywhere

    Another advantage that you can feel if you decide to buy a wireless mic is an extra level of comfort because you are free to move anywhere. Wireless mic allows you to move around without having to deal with windings and wires. Besides being comfortable, a wireless mic is also considered safer compared to a wired microphone.


    3.  More consistent data transfer speeds

    One of the advantages of Shure wireless mic is the data transfer speed is more consistent when compared to cable technology. With the sophistication of wireless technology, allowing users to be able to feel the data transfer speed is consistent and more stable. Wireless signal strength can apparently be increased due to the presence of antennas and other signal amplifier devices, which is why you don't need to doubt the mic signal speed of wireless technology. 


    Disadvantages of Wireless Mic

    Besides the advantages there are also disadvantages of the wireless type mic. Here are the shortcomings of the wireless mic:

    1.  Price is relatively expensive compared to Mic Cable

    There is a price there is quality, so is the wireless mic. Although wireless mic technology can reduce the cost of cable, but in terms of wireless mic prices are somewhat more expensive. The higher the quality of the wireless mic, the higher the ability to capture sound and also the price of the microphone.


    2.  There Are Many Wireless Signal Enemies

    Because wireless networks use air as a data transmission medium, the power of wireless technology is also influenced by the weather. If the weather is in a bad state, it is quite possible the data transmission will also experience interference. 

    In addition to weather factors, the presence of thick walls or barriers can also affect the process of data transmission. So do not be surprised if your network gets worse in places or rooms that have thick walls or bulkheads.

    That is the advantages and disadvantages of wireless mic for those of you who want to buy a Shure wireless mic. Hopefully the information about the advantages and disadvantages of the wireless mic above can add to your horizons. 


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